7 Steps For Handling First Interactions

Framework Constructed By: Jean Paul at WPGem In the premiere episode of Breaking Through The Clouds, we sat down with Jean Paul. He is an entrepreneur who I met after reaching out via Reddit because I was so impressed by his detailed approach to handling first interactions with people. The basis of this framework isContinue reading “7 Steps For Handling First Interactions”

SciZenna – The Keto Rash Cure

Meet the founders + Learn the Ins/Outs of Creating a Product in the Skin Care Industry Thymoquinone. Black Seed Oil. These are the magic words and the main ingredients for a revolutionary skin care cream brought to you by SciZenna. The mission for founders Greg & Bryan is to bring relief should you be dealingContinue reading “SciZenna – The Keto Rash Cure”

The Entrepreneur Ride Along with Jake Lang

As a person, you already know if you WANT to become an entrepreneur. The question becomes what separates those who become successful and those who do not? As I stand at my podcast desk, which is currently an ironing board, I am focused. I know that I want to be successful. On this week’s episodeContinue reading “The Entrepreneur Ride Along with Jake Lang”

Scale Your Business by Implementing a Cold Email Marketing Campaign

Are you spending too much time prospecting? Do you want more sales opportunities with qualified candidates? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you have come to the right place. I have recently had the privilege of learning about cold email marketing from the founder of Lead Engines, Ryan Matonis. Be sureContinue reading “Scale Your Business by Implementing a Cold Email Marketing Campaign”