The Entrepreneur Ride Along with Jake Lang

As a person, you already know if you WANT to become an entrepreneur. The question becomes what separates those who become successful and those who do not? As I stand at my podcast desk, which is currently an ironing board, I am focused. I know that I want to be successful. On this week’s episode we discuss what it is like to start from the ground up with Jake Lang, an entrepreneur who has started 7 businesses. Listen as he gives us an insight to what it is like to achieve success. Hear what it is like to get up after being knocked down and go for it again. Jake has given us a gift by sharing his story with us. Listen to our episode here at: Breaking Through The Clouds.

You may have heard about Jake him already from The Entrepreneur Ride Along where aside from running numerous online business’, he also is a major influence in the entrepreneurial community. His blog is a testament to that.

Like me, he was not successful with his first online business, or his second. If you want to hear about the first two ventures and why they did not work, be sure to listen to the episode! There is as much if not more to learn from our failures as our successes. It was actually the third business that finally broke the spell. The answer was an online course to help pass a very unique test.

Jake brings to light that it is actually easier to start an online course than you would think. Using WordPress, he accomplished this profitable feat with no coding involved! Here is a link to his course Associate PI if you would like to have a look. Tune into our episode to learn what tools he used and how he was able to capitalize on this niche.

Dog lover? Yes. Pomsky owner? No. On top of Associate PI, Jake is also a business owner and community organizer of The Pomsky Owners Association. Believe it or not Jake has become a community leader in the world of Pomsky dogs without even owning one. He was able to find a niche to help people in animal loving community. He found out that there were purchasers of these dogs being scammed by online sales. The goal was to change that and save people money. This page eventually became an active community, and after his coach recommended a membership fee, the Pomsky Association was profitable. Hear all of the details on our episode! There is certainly a lot of detail I did not cover in this post.

In all Jake is very active in the online business world. His current aspirations include group coaching for entrepreneurs, as he wants to provide an opportunity for all of us to start online business’. Check out his detailed blog post where he gives us 10 Small Profitable Business Ideas. This could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for!

Enjoy our episode on Breaking Through The Clouds today and please leave a review!

Lets also give a big thank you to Jake for being on the show! Here is Jake’s email if you would like to get in contact with him:

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